10 Reasons Why Family Traditions Are Important – Dudes To Dads Ep 45

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Our friend Kevin joins us once again to discuss the importance of family traditions.  We identify that there are a few different types of traditions:  Family, Personal, Religious, Holiday, and Cultural.  We also discuss what traditions are and how they are often practices or beliefs which are passed down from generation to generation ie: parents to children.  Jason provides an example of a child in his daughter’s kindergarten class who said “Black Friday” was a tradition.  So why are family traditions so important.

Here are 10 reasons why family traditions are so important:

  1. Allows you to create positive memories, last a lifetime
  2. Provides consistency or continuity
  3. Promotes bonding
  4. Creates a sense of identity
  5. Offers belongingness
  6. Expands cultural awareness
  7. Shows commitment
  8. Increases family values – the importance of family
  9. Something to look forward to which is one of the keys to happiness
  10. most of the time they are fun and enjoyable

The website Art of Manliness has a list of 60 Family Tradition Ideas.

Here are our 10 favorite family traditions :

  1. Secret Handshake
  2. Bedtime Stories
  3. Family Game night
  4. Movie night
  5. Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast
  6. Weekly family meeting
  7. Family Service Day – Monthly
  8. Yearly Measurement on the Door Frame
  9. Box of Goals (or set goals)
  10. Daddy Date – child gets to pick what to do

Traditions provides children (and adults) many benefits.  We suggest you create your own traditions within your family.  We also would love to hear about your traditions.  Please feel free to email us or provide comments below.…

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