10 Things To Give Up to Be Happy – Dudes To Dads Ep 60

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I came across this awesome article by Meadow Devor which discusses 10 Things To Give Up to Be Happy.  This article really hit home and I wanted to discuss it on Episode 60.  The article appeared on The Good Men Project which is a great resource for men.

1. Give up your need for control – Why do we try to control things that can’t be controlled?  It’s a waste of energy.

2. Give up your need to be right – Do you want to be loved or be right?

3. Give up your criticism (of yourself and others) – Learn to accept others.  Focus on what is right versus what is wrong.

4. Give up your need for people to understand you – Many people feel misunderstood.

5. Give up your desire to be liked – Everyone wants to feel loved.  But making effort to be liked can also cause you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

6. Give up your resistance to change – Change is inevitable.  Resistance create suffering.

7. Give up trying to please others – It’s virtually impossible to please everyone.  It takes too much effort.

8. Give up your attachment to the past – You can’t move forward if you are too focused on the past.  The moment is now.

9. Give up your need for acknowledgement – Jason provides an example of Feeding the fish versus going fishing.  The course Freedom to Be was an awesome course that teaches these kinds of concepts.

10. Give up your distractions – Distractions keep you from being able to focus on what is more important.



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