Posted By On April 11, 2017

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with children is mis-behavior.  In this Episode 110, we explore 11 reasons why young children misbehave and what to do about it.

1) They are tired / Put them to sleep

2) They want to assert their independence or control  / Give them choices – would you like X or Y

3) They don’t understand the rules / Be sure to explain the rules, post them if you need to

4) They are bored  / Ask them questions –  instead of always being their entertainment – What is something you enjoy?

5) They lack the skills – they are young, their brain hasn’t yet developed that part or simply they just have not had enough practice / Teach them what they need to know

6) Your expectations are too high –  is it normal child behavior? / lower or stop having expectations

7) They saw it somewhere else – friends or parents / Explain what you want to see not what you don’t want to see

8) They don’t know how to control their emotions – this is sort of a combination of many but they need to learn about the different kinds of emotions and how to deal with them / Teach them to be able to calm themselves, teach them it’s ok to have emotions but need to handle it appropriately

9) They are hungry / Make sure they eat, bring snacks, don’t go too long without food.

10) They want attention / Don’t give them the attention

11) They have been rewarded for bad behavior (they got negative attention) / Focus on rewarding positive behavior – listen to episode 109