11 Things Dads Should Never Apologize For – Don’t Feel Guilty – Dudes To Dads Ep 139

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In episode  139 we discuss 11 things that dads should never apologize for.  There are things that happen in the world or at work that you shouldn’t apologize for and then items related to your family.

Not directed at your family (world/work)

1. That you got upset with your kids in public

2. Leaving work a little early for something with your kids

3. A baby that cries in public – every baby cries

4. Missing a friend’s party or event (whether you would rather spend time with your family or you are just so tired), either one is fine

Family-related – Dealing specifically with the kids

5. Sometimes you have to work nights or weekends

6. That you enjoy work (Feeling productive. Right or wrong, men often define themselves by their work

7. You can’t make every sporting event or recital. Be sure to make the important ones

8. That your there for every bedtime

9. Getting annoyed by your children

10. Telling your child no

11. Taking “me time” Need time away

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