13 Things to Stop Doing For Your Kids Now – Dudes Ep 123

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The last episode brought up some points about teaching our kids to be independent. That episode inspired us to create this episode.  Episode 123 covers 13 things to stop doing for your kids now:

1. Getting them dressed – By 3-4 they can dress themselves.

2. Getting undressed – Between 13-24 months. You should not be taking your 4 year old’s shirt off.

3. Carrying their backpack – If they are old enough to have a backpack, they should carry it.

4. Tying their shoes – Usually by kindergarten (about age 5) they should know how to do this. Stop tying their shoes because you are in a hurry. Give yourself extra time and let them become independent.

5. Throw their trash away – Old enough to walk, old enough to throw it in the trash.

6. Feeding themselves – Use utensils by 18 months. By age 4 they should be able to hold utensils like an adult.

7. Getting themselves breakfast – Most can do it by 4 1/2 but many do it much earlier. Make it child friendly. you may experience a few spilled milk episodes.

8. Brushing Teeth – 3 or 4 to do it themselves but can do it as early as 16 months with your help.

9. Cleaning up their toys – They use them, they clean them up. We still are learning the “put one away before you can grab another.

10. Cleaning up their dishes – If your child can walk, they can carry a dish over to the sink.

11. Cleaning their rooms – Just like anything else to clean, if they can walk, they can typically put things away.

12. Making separate meals – You or your wife is not a short otrder cook. Sure you may want to consider something …


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