Posted By On December 28, 2016

Last year we offered resolutions for dads relating to their kids. This time we are offering dads resolutions to implement in their marriage.

1) Go out on dates

2) Give her compliments – not just physical

3) Tell her why you appreciate her – “I really appreciate you making dinner. I know it’s a lot of work”

4) Offer empathy – try to put yourself in her shoes

5) Listen instead of talking

6) Do not criticize her – If you have an issue, say what you do like rather than what you don’t

7) Create technology free time

8) Notice her differences than you as positive – ying/yang, opposites attract

9) If something in the relationship is bothering you, communicate about it in a positive way

10) When she tells you something you don’t like, refrain from reacting. – Realize if you react negatively, she will begin to keep things from you.

11) Do random acts of service for her – clean something

12) Learn to be happier with yourself – Be less dependent on her for your happiness.

13) Kiss more – 10 second kiss

14) Say I love you more…