25 of the Most Annoying Things Young Kids Do – Dudes To Dads Ep 113

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While we love our children, there are simply recurring things that happen over and over that are annoying.  For episode 113, we explore 25 of the Most Annoying Things Young Kids Do.

1. Whining

2. They ask so many questions

3. Ask the same questions over and over

4. Saying “dad” (or mom) over and over

5. They are loud

6. Not listening

7. Not cleaning up clothes, costumes, toys – all over the house

8. Leaving small toys in the walkway to step on

9. Finding food somewhere it’s not supposed to be

10. Clothes right next to the laundry basket – they just don’t seem to make it inside it

11. Toothpaste all over the sink

12. Toothpaste lid never on the toothpaste

13. Not finishing their food and then asking for something else

14. Bringing mud into the house on their shoes

15. Singing the same song over and over and over again

16. Watching the same thing over and over and over again

17. They move really slow, especially when you are in a hurry

18. They eat really slow, especially when you don’t

19. They ask for desserts, candy, or anything sugar related constantly

20. They will interrupt you when you are talking

21. They want to constantly use your phone

22. When they play electronics or games, they won’t answer you or even look up.

23. They tell you last minute that they need something for school

24. They will argue something they have no idea about – and say you are wrong

25. They are always there.…


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