27 Things New Dads Should Never Say to New Moms – 25 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids – Dudes To Dads Ep 21

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To celebrate the podcast achieving 21, we have created two lists that are crucial to keep in the “mind database” for dads.  While we set out to include 21 items in both lists, there was simply too much too include that we had to expand the lists.  Jason’s friend Kevin joins this podcast to help provide input on the lists.  We suggest you study these, keep them as reference, and use them as guidelines on what NOT to say.  Good parenting usually indicates to focus on the positives rather than the negatives, but we just want to be sure dads are aware that these statements shall NEVER leave your tongue.  Please feel free to comment or provide your suggestions to add to the lists.  While you can listen here, we also provided links to the blog post for each list.

27 Things New Dads Should Never Say to New Moms – This list is crucial to understand just after you have had your child.  Of course you are both tired and walking around like zombies, but it gives you know excuse to make these comments.

25 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids – We are all guilty of saying things that we shouldn’t to our kids.  It’s important to recognize that the statements you make to your kids are powerful.  You must be mindful of what you are saying as your words can help shape the child.


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