30 Best Things About Being a Dad – Dudes To Dads Ep 114

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For Episode 114, we explore the 30 Best Things About Being a Dad:

1. Your child things you are a superhero – they look up to you

2. When you child does something really well – whether it’s a sport, music, academic – how proud you feel

3. When they make you laugh

4. When you see them help other people

5. When they come to you for advice

6. When they draw you a picture and have emotion to it

7. When you come home from work and they run to see you

8. Their hugs and kisses

9. When you see yourself in them (and it’s something good)

10. Holding hands while walking

11. Reading to them at night

12. Laying down with them at night

13. Watching them sleep

14. Seeing them walk for the first time

15. The first time they say “dad”

16. Playing games with them that you enjoy

17. Playing sports with them that you enjoy

18. When other people tell you how wonderful they are

19. When they come to you for comfort

20. Introducing them to things you enjoy – movies, television, sports, games

21. Experiencing new things together

22. It makes you want to be a better man

23. They think you are a really smart

24.  They think you are really strong

25.  When something you have been trying to instill in them finally clicks

26.  They easily forgive and forget – If you apologize, they are very forgiving

27.  The emotion during a memorable moment – sitting with my family watching fireworks

28.  It teaches you to focus on what really is important

28.  They teach you to slow down and enjoy the moment

29.  Lower chance of depression – studies show

30. You learn to have more …


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