49 Life Skills Dads Should Teach Their Kids – Dudes To Dads Ep 98

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I don’t care whether you have a boy or girl, we as dads should be teaching our kids the following. These are in no particular order or have an age requirement.  Just get out there and do it:

1. Ride a bike

2. Light a match

3. Light a barbeque (both gas and charcoal)

4. Setup and light a campfire

5. Tie a knot

6. Use a hammer

7. Use a screwdriver

8. Setup a tent for camping

9. Change a tire

10. Iron a shirt

11. Bait a fishing line

12. Coil a rope, hose, extension cord

13. Use a knife for carving

14. Tipping – How much, when, who

15. Look people in the eye when talking to them

16. Throw a ball

17. Use a bat

18. Kick a ball

19. Shoot a basketball

20. Swing a golf club

21. Bowl a bowling ball

22. Throw a punch/defend from a punch

23. Lead by example

24. Ask for what you want

25. Learning to dance is important

26. Learn to say no and feel good about it

27. How to drive

28. Affection is good

29. How to use a credit card

30. How to handle money

31. How to deal with stress

32. Skip rocks

33. Build a sand castle

34. Wash a car

35. Fix a bike chain

36. Wrestle

37. Pump gas

38. Wash windows

39. Use an alarm clock

40. Make food – pasta, soup, nachos

41. Ordering at a restaurant

42. Pack a suitcase

43. Floss and brush their teeth

44. Introduce themsevles

45. Shakes someones hand

46. Shake hands when you lose

47. Exercise – push ups, pull ups

48. Don’t ever gossip

49. Be nice to your mother…


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