55 Tips for New Dads – The Ultimate Guide For New Fathers – Ep 93

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For episode 93, we offer 55 Tips For New Dads. You don’t have to go on this journey without information. Study these tips and be prepared for the road ahead of you.

1. Get sleep when you can
2. Talk about expectations before the baby arrives – expectations for the baby and each other
3. Buy butt paste for the baby – Use it at every changing
4. Put your baby at an angle, not flat….while sleeping, resting, eating
5. You may have trouble bonding with the baby for a while…could be months.
6. Go on dates with your wife – You or she mnay not even want to, but do it anyway
7. Always have wipes handy
8. Always carry an extra diaper, or two
9. Join a dad’s group such as Dudes To Dads – talk about issues you are facing
10. Hold your child as much as you can
11. Don’t judge her day against yours if she stays home with the baby – You will not win
12. When your child smiles at you for the first time, you won’t believe how amazing it feels
13. When they say “dad” or “dadda” for the first time, you’ll wish you could bottle up how that feels. It’s even better than the smile.
14. Get to know your pediatrician – You will probably be calling them a few times even when you don’t need to
15. If people want to give you used clothing take it. They grow out of things so fast.
16. Try to get yourself in the pictures and video with your kids – We often take pictures and videos of them but try to get yourself in the shot. It’s much more meaningful down the road.
17. Create memories rather than getting gifts
18. …


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