6 Things You Aren’t Doing as a Parent But Your Kids Need to See it | Dad University Podcast EP 218

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1) Apologizing to them when you do something/say something wrong

Let’s say you get in an argument with your child.  You yell at them and tell them to go to their room.  It’s really important to apologize for your own behavior and let them know that you could have handled it better.  Next time you shouldn’t yell and should be more calm when discussing something with them.

2) Making up with your wife (argue and then make up)  -You may hide arguments from your kids but they also may not see you make up.  It’s ok to see them argue as long as you argue fairly.  But if you do argue, they need to see you make up…apologizing, etc.

3) Eating healthy  – You tell your kids not to eat junk or want them to eat healthy and then you have ice cream or sugar when they go to bed.

4) Exercising – You don’t have to run a triathlon or be a competitive bodybuilder, but showing them good habits is important.  Go for family walks, get outside.  Show them how being active is important.

5) Treating people with respect – We tell our kids to treat everyone equally and with respect yet we will make negative comments about other people or even just people as they walk by.

6) Putting your electronics down – We are telling our kids they watch too much TV or play too much video games yet we have our phones with us at all times.  We usually try to justify it by having it be “work related”

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