7 Mistakes We All Make as Dads | Dad University Video Ep. 151

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Making mistakes as a dad is just part of the experience.  Sometimes we are aware of the mistakes but other times we are not.  In this video, Jason goes over 7 dad mistakes that many dads make without even knowing it.  Are you making these mistakes?  We all do.

Often our hearts are in the right place but the end result isn’t correct.  We have an opportunity to fix our mistakes and connect deeper with our children.  We can strengthen the relationship and our child will likely be more self-sufficient, have better self-esteem, and grow as a person.

Whether it’s being more empathetic, more present, or allowing your child to do more things for themselves, all of these tips are designed to improve your dad skills.   Don’t forget to comment and let us know if you have made any mistakes (of course not!) and what you can do to avoid the mistake next time.

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