Posted By Jason Kreidman On June 26, 2018

In episode 171 we talk about 8 lessons to teach your daughter.  In this episode we touch on some important life lessons to teach our sons.

#1 – Men can have emotions – It’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to cry

#2 – Treat people with respect – Treat others how you want to be treated.

#3 – Chivalry is Alive – Be a gentleman. hold the door open, say please and thank you.

#4 – Stand up for yourself – defend yourself and those you love. Don’t let other people push you around.

#5 – Make your own decisions – don’t be influenced by others. 2 boys have half a brain, 3 boys have no brain,

#6 – Choose Your Battles – There are times to walk away. When it comes to family and friends, it’s usually not worth battling.

#7 – Don’t criticize other people – It’s unattractive and typically means there is something going on within you. Don’t comment on other people’s shortcomings, appearances, or anything else that means negativity coming from your mouth.

#8 – It’s not just about you – This goes for a lot of things but primarily meant for relationships. A girls is not going to want the same things you want. Learn what she wants and what she likes.