8 Reasons Why Birthday Parties Should Start After Age 5 – Dudes To Dads Ep 106

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Who doesn’t like a good birthday party? Well even though we like them, we need to stop with having parties for babies and toddlers. There is simply no solid reasons for having these parties. I’m not talking about acknowledging your child and doing something with the family. Have a special meal, buy them a small cake, whatever. I’m talking about putting together a birthday party. There are a bunch of reasons that people would provide, but I find none of them valid!  For this Episode 106, we offer “8 Reasons Why Birthday Parties Should Start After Age 5”:

1. The child doesn’t remember anything. Sure they might “recall” some things from pictures or video that was taken, but they won’t remember that you invited 30 people, had amazing food, a bouncy house, and a clown come to visit.

2. It’s way too expensive – I know, you can have people bring food, choose a free venue, and have friends do the entertainment. However we still have the other reasons to make up for it. There are just better things to spend your money on.

3. The child doesn’t need more stuff – Their room is already a mess and the garage is overflowing with toys. The last thing we need is more stuff. Sure people suggest donating to a charity, planting a tree, or other noble ideas, but let’s just avoid forcing other people to buy stuff on your kid’s behalf.

4. The party is for you not the child – I’ve been to so many child parties where the child is crying or even ASLEEP during the party. Yes ASLEEP. The kid doesn’t care. Your’re the one who cars.

5. Other people don’t want to come – When you have young kids, the last thing you want is more …


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