9 Ways to Diffuse a Tantrum – or At Least Keep Your Sanity – Dudes To Dads Ep 104

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While learning how to avoid tantrums is a skill in itself, there are going to be times when they are simply unavoidable. Here is my disclaimer: We are not doctors, nor do we have a license to provide advice. This is solely for entertainment purposes. Use any of these techniques at your own risk. We can’t be responsible for what happens during the tantrum or to your child later in life because of the way you handled the tantrums. This Episode 104 offers 9 ways to diffuse a tantrum:

1. Avoidance – Don’t say anything and simply walk away. While this can be difficult in public, if you are home it’s very easy. When they don’t have an audience, the tantrum isn’t as exciting to them. Just walk away into another room. If you are in public, you might be able to walk away but keep an eye on them. As much as you may want to, you don’t want to leave a young child unnattended.

2. Throw a tantrum with them – While you may then look just as stupid as they do, that is the point. Get down on the floor and stomp your hands, pound your fists, and show them how rediculous they look. The hope is they realize it’s not a good look.

3. Mirror Technique – I have used this with effectiveness. Place the child in front of a mirror or bring a mirror in front of them to they can see how they look. Like having a tantrum with them, it’s showing them it really isn’t effective and it certainly doesn’t look good.

4. The Zenmaster – This technique is about staying calm or zen like. Take a few deep breaths and quietly talk to your child. Maybe say to them, “Is there something …

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