Best Things About Being A Dad

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As a soon-to-be dad or new dad, you’re going to hear a lot of feel-good and horror stories about becoming a father and parenting. But, guess what? Becoming a dad will be the best time of your life! It’s the beginning of becoming a better man. wrote that new dads should embrace the new routine that comes with being a father, get ready to be a superhero and don’t forget to be a pillar of support for your partner.

Giving up a few (or many) things is perhaps the most obvious, fundamental rule in being an awesome dad. Jump right in to figure out how to soothe your baby, clean the bottles, and do other necessary tasks. Always be on your best behavior in their [your children’s] presence.” –

There are so many wonderful things about being a dad. For sure, as a new dad, you’ll hear phrases like:

  • You are never going to get any sleep.”
  • You’re not going to have the time to go out with your friends anymore.”
  • Kids are so expensive!

Well, have no fear. We’re here to change that narrative. Parenting can be really tough and frustrating, but it can also be life-changing, joyful and precious. As you fall into the groove of being a parent and get used to your ‘new dad’ shoes, you’ll quickly realize that these are the 20 best things about being a dad:

  1. You’re a superhero in your child’s eyes. Your child looks up to you with so much admiration that it initially feels a little intimidating. Your behavior is the guide to their own behavior. You’re big and strong and their protector. It’s an amazing feeling!
  2. Feeling proud when your child does something well. It could be a sport, dancing or playing an instrument, when your child excels at something, it feels great!
  3. When your children make you laugh. Whether they make you laugh, they’re laughing themselves or you’re laughing together, laughing with your children is one of the best things about being a dad.
  4. When you witness your children being helpful. You have raised a good kid! This means that in observing your behavior as a new dad, your child absorbed the positive trait of helping other people. That’s one step towards being empathetic.
  5. Your child comes to you for advice. This indicates trust between you and your child. It’s very pleasing to know that your child wants to come to you for advice and values your opinion.
  6. Your child creates something for you. Whether it’s a drawing, painting or craft project, the fact that your child put thought and effort into making something just for you will melt your heart. Children’s feelings are genuine, so their creation is really an expression of their love for you.
  7. Running hugs and a ton of kisses. Oh, the love! Imagine coming home from a long day at work to your child running to the door to greet you with hugs and kisses. Nothing tops that!
  8. Your child displays similar positive personality traits. The good in you is rubbing off onto your child and that’s phenomenal. You’re doing something right. Be sure to watch out for your negative traits too because children soak up everything.
  9. Holding hands while walking. Although this gradually fades as they get older, you’ll enjoy the feeling of their tiny hands inside yours.
  10. Reading bedtime stories to your children. The way they’ll gaze at you as you read will pull at your heart. Reading to your child, of course, also improves their brain development and function and makes them more articulate.

  1. Watching your child sleep. The only thing that’s better than finally getting your child to sleep is watching them sleep. They look so peaceful, quiet and comfortable.
  2. Your child’s first crawl or walk. That’s a monumental achievement as a parent. That first step is an indicator that you’re doing something right.
  3. The first time your child says, “Dad”. This will become music to your ears. You will officially feel like a dad when your child starts calling you ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’.
  4. Playing games with your children. This is an opportunity for you to bond with your child over a game you enjoy like board games, card games or video games.
  5. Your child actually learning what you teach them. Teaching a child can be frustrating. It involves a lot of patience, understanding and repetition, which makes the joy you feel when they finally grasp the concept insurmountable! For example, your child finally knows the words “please” and “thank you” and when to use them; or, after months of teaching, your child is a pro at riding a bicycle. You can pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done.

    Podcast Ep. 114 – 30 Best Things About Being a Dad

  6. You learn to prioritize the important things. When you become a dad, many of your priorities are replaced by those of your child and family. So that sports car, the set of golf clubs or your overload of gadgets become second to the needs of your child.
  7. You learn to slow down and enjoy the moment. Having a child can make you feel like you have very little time to get things done. However, if you try, children actually teach you to slow down and live in and appreciate each moment. They are very fleeting and before you know it, your child is an adult.
  8. Having children lowers your chance of depression. As a soon-to-be or new dad, you’re less likely to suffer from depression because you have a close familial unit that offers you support, love and encouragement. Plus, when your kids laugh, your whole world lights up.
  9. You become more empathetic. Because you have to always consider your child’s needs and feelings, you actually become more aware of people’s emotions and develop emotional intelligence. You learn a lot of patience and understand in raising your children. This is a superpower for you as a dad and especially as a partner.
  10. It makes you want to be a better man. This is tied to you being their superhero. The pressure is on for you to step up and be a better man and a good father. After all, your children depend on you for comfort, love, support, and protection. You will find yourself thinking about your legacy, their foundation and how to positively influence their behavior.

Continue being the awesome dad you are! Go forth and make and enjoy time with your family. Being a dad comes with its challenges, but what in life doesn’t have its ups and downs? Be sure to read our article on parents judging themselves too harshly before you start feeling overwhelmed. You’re doing a good job.

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