Bike Tracks, Punishment Debate, Telling The Truth – Dudes To Dads Ep 33

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Alan and Jason start episode 33 with Stuff to Do by discussing the creation of a bike track.  While many people live in areas where this may not be possible, Jason lives in a culdesac so it allowed to keep the kids entertained but also close by.  As a result of having difficulty making the track with the chalk, SuperCharge introduces the Bike Chalk Trail Kit which makes it much easier to make a bike track with chalk.  The Mailbag is an email about punishment of kids and also transitions us into the Dad’s Debate.  The debate is about whether punishment is effective in getting the behavior you desire.  Our thoughts are that making your child suffer so he does what you want will later backfire.  Our role is to coach and guide them.  They learn faster when they aren’t punished.  The Light Her Fire segment talks about how re-enforcing the truth is more important than punishment.  All of this discussion about punishment shapes Dad’s Homework which is to not punish your child when they do something wrong.  We finished the episode with the Quote of the Day by Dr. Laura Markham:

Sure, kids need “discipline.”  But the verb “to discipline” means “to guide.”  There is absolutely no reason why our guidance needs to be punitive.  In fact, punishment backfires. We can’t really control another person. All we really have to work with is influence. And punishment erodes that influence. If we want kids to accept our guidance, we need to maintain a positive relationship with them.


Welcome & Intros (0:00) – Energetic water, sitting up straight, and ready for the episode

Stuff To Do (4:29) – Create a bike track

SuperCharge (8:39) – Bike Chalk Trail Kit

Mailbag (10:40) – How to punish kids when they do


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