Corporate Partnerships - Reach Dads Through Dadvertising

Dad University provides opportunities for businesses to reach targeted customers through it’s various channels. With seamless and integrative messaging, strategic product placement, and sponsorships, you can choose strategies that work best to reach your desired audience.

If you are a company or brand that wants to reach dads, we can be your partner in dadvertising. We have an educational approach that attracts men who are engaged with their surroundings, eager to learn new information, and often make buying decisions for their families. Establish a partnership with Dad University to inspire and connect potential customers with your company or brand.

Our weekly videos and podcasts as well as written content distribution can accellerate your brand and reach fathers all over the world. While the possiblities are endless, here are a few partnership opportunities:

– Sponsored video content focused on the value propositions of your product or service
– Advertorial written content to be distributed through the website and social channels
– Sponsored YouTube Video Ads reaching a desired targeted audience
– Spot commercials of a podcast episode
– Sponsored social media posts

If you are interested in reaching dads, contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities. We welcome custom corporate sponsorship ideas as well.