Clothing Battles, Joke Books, Tickle Monster, Opposites Attract – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 11

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In this episode, we start with a quote by Harry S. Truman.  We then go into the Battlefield and discuss kids clothing choices and specifically talk about the desire of many children to wear costumes EVERYDAY.   Do we really need to care?  During that segment, Jason also shares his appreciation for Susie Walton, and her Joy of Parenting classes. We suggest buying a children’s joke book in Stuff To Do and then in SuperCharge talk about the book The Tickle Monster and how laughter is so great, especially a child’s laugh. Our Light Her Fire segment is about opposites attracting and we close with Dad’s Homework, offering an alternative to always giving your kids advice.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

Quote – by Harry S. Truman (4:30)

Battlefield – Clothes, wearing costumes (5:43)

Stuff To Do – Children’s joke book (12:13)

SuperCharge – The Tickle Monster Book (14:43)

Light Her Fire – Opposites attract (17:02)

Dad’s Homework – Instead of giving your kid advice, ask them what they want (19:56)

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