Complimenting Co-workers, Board Games, Why People Cheat & Double Standards – Dudes To Dads Ep 13

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We kicked off Episode 13 going right into a debate about compliments.  Alan had brought up complimenting co-workers and where the line is drawn.  Can you complement a female co-worker on her appearance?  This is something we discuss.  Then on Stuff to Do we bring back old school board games: checkers, monopoly, etc.  Break out a board game and play.  For the mailbag, a listener Riley asks about what the podcast will do when Alan becomes a dad.  We then jump into Light Her Fire and Dr. Ellen talks about why affairs happen and what needs to be done to keep her.  Our quote of the day also has to do with cheating and that guys are dogs.  We close the show with Dad’s Homework, suggesting you go out and play a board game of which we discussed in the Stuff to Do segment.


Welcome & Intros (0:00)

Dad’s Debate (1:11) – Compliments and what is appropriate for co-workers or friends

Stuff to Do (8:32) – Play a board game

Mailbag (11:26) – What happens when Alan becomes a Dad?

Light Her Fire (13:52) – Why do people cheat?

Quote of the Day (17:04) – About the double standard

Dad’s Homework (21:22) – Play board games with your child


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