Posted By On May 5, 2015

We start off this episode with Stuff to Do.  An idea is to include your kids when you are cooking.  They love to help and be involved.  We then answer an email with a listener asking about what to do when bringing kids to a restaurant.  We then dive into SuperCharge where we discuss  We then introduce a clip from Dr. Ellen Kreidman who discusses how having a loving relationship with your spouse is the best gift you can give your kids.  This means you have to make the effort to spend time together.  We also discuss Dr. Ellen’s date night formula for a successful relationship.  As per her advice, the homework is to go out on date with your significant other.  Get dressed up, plan it, and make it special.  We then close the episode with a quote that also confirms how important the relationship of the parents is and how the kids see that.  If you want them to be in a healthy relationship, you must model that behavior.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

Stuff to Do – Cooking or Baking with Kids (3:05)

Mailbag – What to do with kids when out at a restaurant? (7:31)

SuperCharge – Cool Dad Gear (12:55)

Light Her Fire – Give your kids the best gift of all, a loving relationship with your spouse  (15:55)

Dad’s Homework – Go on a date with your spouse (22:02)

Quote of the Day – from (24:09)