Posted By On February 23, 2016
Stereotypes are rooted from some truth.  However many of them can be hurtful or demeaning.  In episode 51, we discuss some stereotypes of dads to explore whether these are true what we can do as fathers to change them.  Here are 8 common dad stereotypes:
  1. Dad’s care more about having fun than parenting
  2. Dad’s Can’t Cook
  3. Dad’s can’t express their feelings
  4. Dad’s who stay at home are weak
  5. Dads don’t like to spend quality time with their kids
  6. Dad’s are messy and unorganized
  7. Dad’s don’t like housework
  8. Dad’s can’t take care of kids by themselves

After discussing these 8 common stereotypes of dads, we discuss  5 Ways Men Can Change Stereotypes About Fatherhood.  This article makes suggestions on what dads can do to show the world that they are not part of the stereotype:

1. Change Your Child’s diapers
2. Take Parental Leave
3. Challenge Gender Sterotypes – help daughters do things thought of as boy activities
4. Leave work to help with childcare
5. Clean the house