Dads & Addiction – A Family Disease – Interview with Addiction Counselor Chris McDuffie – Dudes To Dads Ep 38

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Going through the transition from dude to dad can be very stressful.  For those who already may have some addiction issues, that process can make things worse for their addiction.  For others, they may turn to substances such as alcohol or drugs, or behaviors that are fueled by addiction in order to deal with the stress.  We wanted to get a better understanding of addiction and how dads are dealing with it.  For Episode 38, we are joined by Chris McDuffie, CEO of Turning Point Addiction and Recovery Services. Chris helps us understand what addiction looks like and how it’s often dealt with.  It doesn’t matter what race, age, education level, or income, addiction crosses all lines.  People often feel like they are “functional” not realizing what their real potential is if they were not an addict.  The #1 cause of addiction is prescription drugs.  Doctors and dentists are really driving the addiction as well.

Identifying yourself as an addict is someone that is not able to deal with life’s issues and stresses in a normal matter. If it is effecting your life in any way, there are resources that can help.  Reach out to a loved one, parent, teacher, religious leader, or anyone else and get help.

Chris also holds that there is no effective drug prevention education in schools.  The D.A.R.E. program has not been effective.  He says we need to have evidence based education, have curriculum in the school,  work with the community, and work with parents.  You want to delay drug use as much as possible, have an open dialogue with your kids and be sure to be a good role model for them.

To learn more about Chris and the services he offers, you can call 1-844-435-7371 or visit…


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