Dealing With Bad Influences on Your Kids – Dudes To Dads Ep 63

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While there are a lot of bad influences in the world, for this episode we are talking about people.  You may not always love the people your kid is around.  Whether it’s friends at school or when your child has a significant other as they get older.  What is the best way to handle this?   In episode 63, we discuss tips to deal with bad influences on your kids.  Here are some tips:

1. Don’t blame or judge – I knew Johnny was a bad influence on you. Don’t point any fingers. Keep it to yourself or the child will begin to resent you.

2. Keep Connected – Ask them how they would handle situations. “What if all of your friends are drinking and ask you to do it?”

3. Model Good Behavior and Character – Monkey see, monkey do. Our children watch how we handle situations. Find something that is lost, you return it.

4. Don’t Press Your Personal View Too Much – It’s ok to make your position clear but don’t push too hard.

5. Invite them to your house or you chaperone the outing – You can then see what is going on and listen to conversations

6. Suggest a better option – Your daughter is going to be hanging out with a boy you don’t like. You might say, “oh I was thinking of taking you shopping this afternoon. There is a one-time sale so it has to be today.

7. Communicate about the situation – Ask what they have in common, what they like about them. If you see something that happened you may have to piont out that friends don’t put down other friends or make them do stuff.…


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