Do Men Parent Differently Than Women? – Interview With Parenting Expert Susie Walton – Dudes To Dads Ep 27

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In this episode 27, Jason and Alan have the opportunity to sit down with Susie Walton, author of “Key to Personal Freedom – How Myths Affect Our Family Lives” and creator of the Joy of Parenting courses. Susie’s courses are what got Jason started on his journey to active and effective parenting. Susie has been teaching, speaking, and coaching on parenting for nearly 25 years. Jason calls her”The Fairy Godmother of Parenting” as she is a driving force in helping thousands of people create peace in their homes. He often thinks “What would Susie do in this situation” which helps him solve the problem.

Susie shares how and why she got started in teaching parenting classes. She also helps us understand some very important parenting concepts, as Jason shares his favorite concepts from her teachings. She sheds some light on whether men and women parent differently.

If you want some excellent tips on how to parent from the heart and raise capable children, listen to this episode.…

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