Posted By Jason Kreidman On January 16, 2018

In celebration of our 150th episode we are looking back to celebrate ourselves.

In fact we are giving ourselves awards. I have come up with a few categories and have selected the winners myself. I can do that since I don’t have a staff of people or a writer’s guild or a bunch of judges.

Our first award is:

1) Most Popular Episode – the winner is Episode 49 – which was “39 Life Hacks for Dads”

2) Most Controversial Podcast – the winner is Episode 105 – Does Punishing Your Kids Work? There are people that still believe that spanking your child works.

3) Most Important Episode – Fighting Depression with Gratitude – episode 91

4) Biggest Rant Episode – Episode 149 – Phone Addiction – Parents Need To Put Their Phone Down

5) Most Impactful Episode for Alan – Episode 8 – Interview With a Dad – Tantrums, Delivery Room Horror

6) Most Impactful Episode for Jason – Episode 102 – Everyone is Responsible For My Happiness & Everyone Else Causes My Pain

7) Most Enjoyable Episode for Alan – Episode 148 – The Best 80s TV shows for Parenting

8) Most Enjoyable Episode for Jason – 100 – Interview with my Dad