Entertaining a Toddler Without Electronics – Dudes To Dads Ep 47

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A phone or ipad is often what is used to entertain kids at restaurants or other situations where you are waiting.  This episode 47 provides suggestions and tips to entertain toddlers without electronics.  If you don’t have any books or toys to help entertain your toddler. Here are some ways that were referenced from the Art of Manliness:

1) Which Hand? – put a coin or something small in your hand, clap them together and have the toddler try to figure out which hand it is in.

2) I Spy – You find something in the room and say “I spy something green”.  Then the toddler has to try and find what it is that you see.”

3) Riddles – For example: I can be red or green, I grow on a tree and can be made into a sauce.

4) Hunting for shapes – What do you see that is a circle?

5) What is different – Use a pen and paper to draw 4 squares on a paper.  Draw the same thing in 3 squares and then change it a little in the 4th.  Ask them what is different.

6) Who am I – Choose an animal or person and let your kid ask questions to try and figure it out.

7) What’s missing – Put a few things on the table.  Ask them to remember them.  Have them look away.  Take something off and have them then look.  See if they can guess what was removed.

8) Name that tune
– You hum a tune and the have your toddler try to guess what it is.

9) Counting – As the toddler to count (assuming they can) how many of something there are.  For example, how many chairs are at the table

10) Walk outside – …

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