Fighting Depression With Gratitude – Dudes To Dads Ep 91

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Let’s face it, as a dad (or any human for that matter) you have good days and bad days. For those that seem to have more bad days than good, this episode is for you. Now I am not a doctor so I am not providing medical advice. This may not be the answer for someone with severe depression or a serious illness. For that you will want to seek mental attention. What I am proposing is a way to get you out of your funk.

We talked about teaching our children gratitude in episode 80. The most important way to teach your children gratitude is to model it yourself.

When you are in the midst of feeling crappy, it can be extremely difficult to see the light and imagine what it is like to feel good. Whether you are having problems in your relationship, your kids are driving you crazy, your job isn’t going well….whatever it is, I ask you try fighting the depression with gratitude. I can tell you first hand that this has worked for me.

Here are some things you can do to begin feeling gratitude. We can start with baby steps:

1) Go buy a journal or a notebook.

2) When you wake up in the morning ask yourself, what is one thing in my life that I am grateful for? You must write down “I am grateful for ______ and be sure to include because. For example, I am grateful for my family because they love me unconditionally. If you have problems thinking of something, then write down that you are breathing, that you had an opportunity to sleep, that you have a roof over your head, that you have food in the house. It only takes one positive thought to begin getting on …


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