Fitness for Dads – Lose Weight & Get In Shape With Guest Fitness Pro Max Wettstein – Dudes To Dads Ep 108

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For Episode 108, we wanted to help dads with getting in shape and being healthy.  We brought in Fitness Professional Max Wettstein to discuss some tips on how to stay in shape, eat well, and overall live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some accomplishments of Max:

– Max is an airline pilot & Captain at JetBlue Airways.
– He is a Fitness Professional – He’s been on the cover of Men’s Health magazine & other fitness mags over 25 times,
– He’s been a consultant to a major supplement company (Nature’s Sunshine)
– He’s a Personal Trainer
– He’s published a book on the holistic-approach to fat-loss
– He’s a staff-writer on fitness for several magazines
– He’s a YouTuber & fitness-blogger.
– However the most important thing that qualifies him to talk about this topic: he is the father of 2 amazing girls: age 5 and 13.
– He’s also a full time coach to his oldest daughter, who is a professional skateboarder at age 13.

Probably the single biggest obstacle for people being healthy or getting in shape is excuses. However if you are not unhappy about your weight, how you look, or how you feel, and your not complaining, then you win. This episode may not be valuable to you.

However, if you want to be and look healthier, feel better, maybe want to lose a few pounds, and/or want your kids to learn about healthy choices, then stay with us.

There are tons of good excuses people have on why they aren’t as healthy as they should be or carrying a little extra weight. We went over these excuses with Max and got his take on them:

1. Not enough time/too busy – Playing with kids can be exercise. You workout along side your kids.

2. Can’t afford it – Gymless, using your own bodyweight. Is eating healthy more expensive?

3. Don’t enjoy it – find something you enjoy, a sport, foods. Also, do it for the goal or to show your kids. When you see results, you will be happy. It also releases hormones.

4. Some body part hurts – don’t have to go too hard, walking, yoga, stretching, tai chi. There are many little or no impact things things to simply get you moving.

5. I travel too much – Using your own body weight, quick workouts, finding healthy food.

Max mentions 2 major pitfalls for dads:
1) Unplanned calories (eating kids foods if they don’t eat it)
2) More treats in the house

Max then offers some recommendations to improve your health:

1) Reduce/eliminate sugar – This is a hard one as sugar is really an addiction. However doing this seems like it’s the #1 biggest impact.

2) Drink more water – Replace soft drinks with soda water and flavored drops. There are numerous companies that make flavored drops

3) Find something you enjoy – You skateboard, surf, or do other activities outdoors. I like the consistency and ease of going to the gym regularly.

4) Start small – Be realistic. Don’t try to be a marathon runner or Mr Olympia right out of the gate. Make small goals so you can actually achieve them. If you don’t move at all, start with walking. You can even go for a family walk or go with your child. If your inclined to lift weights, start with a short 10-30 minute routine to get you going. What’s motivating is when you start seeing results, you’ll want to keep going.

5) Be consistent – Make it part of your family lifestyle. Instead of the fmaily watching a movie, go for a family walk, or a family bike ride.

We thank Max for joining in the conversation.  If you would like more info on him or to get in contact:



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