For Moms – Stop Giving Advice or Helping Someone Else’s Dad – We Got This – Dudes To Dads Ep 83

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This is a Public service announcement for women.  Please pass this podcast along to every woman you know.

Women, let dads parent their own kids!  If they aren’t asking for help, don’t help them.  I share a story of my daughter being upset before school last year.  She had misplaced or lost something she needed before school and was crying.  I was using my parenting techniques, offering empathy, kneeling down to help, and listening to what was wrong.  I got this!

A mom who knows my daughter comes over and begins talking to my daughter right in front of me.  It was almost as if I didn’t exist.  It would be different if she said “do you want me to try and talk to her?”  I would have said no, I got this but thank you for asking.   As men we interpret this as she thinks we are completely incapable of parenting our child or handling the situation.

I asked my wife if something like this has ever happen to her and she said no.  It’s happen to me multiple times.

It then happened again recently.
 This time my daughter forgot some event that day and wore the wrong shoes.  It was ok because we had both pairs but for whatever reason for a 6 year old it was a big deal.  I totally got this!  I once again re-assured my daughter we would be able to solve it.  A mom sees her crying and immediately feels the need to come over and step in front of me.

These types of situations happen all the time. A dad in our meetup group runs a “stay at home” dad meetup.  He indicated that as a stay at home dad, he encounters women commenting on the capabilities or making sarcastic comments quite …


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