For Women – 7 Ways to Get Your Husband More Involved With The Baby – Dudes To Dads Ep 89

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We have talked about how men can be more supportive to their spouse during and after pregnancy. What if he is not doing it? What is they the guy is clueless?
A pain point with women is they often feel their men aren’t involved enough. As men, we might not even know what to do. I don’t think it’s often a conscious choice.

However, the last thing on a woman’s mind when she is breastfeeding a 3 month old, is that she should cater to the guy’s needs. But is she wants him to be more involved and take an active role, it may be up to her to take action.

Understand the purpose of this is empowerment to the women. You are able to take charge of the situation.

Here are 7 Tips to Get Your Husband More Involved With the Baby:

  1. Attention – Try to find a balance time between spouse and child.  When the child comes along, men often feel (and are) third in line.  Things light date nights are important.
  2. Appreciation – Provide him positive re-inforcement. Replace criticism with praise.
  3. Understand there is more than just “your way” to do things – When he tries to help, be ok with his method, style, or way of doing things.
  4. Do family activities – Go to the park, go for walks, just doing something together. He gets to participate and feel like it’s one unit, not you and the baby against him.
  5. Have a meeting to divide the labor – Give him tasks like bathing and feeding and write out the chores, and work each other are going to take on.
  6. Ask for help – This is basic but yet really difficult for many women.  Provide instruction so he knows exactly what is expected.
  7. Take time away from


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