Having the First Day of Kindergarten Go Smoothly | Dad University Podcast Ep. 231

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It’s back to school time soon.  Some kids are so excited about the first day of kindergarten. They get to have a backpack, maybe a new outfit and smile on their faces when you talk about it.

But others, not so much.  The idea of going to school for that many hours or leaving their parents is just simply scary.  They may be anxious about it.

Whether your child is excited or anxious, this video will provide some first day of kindergarten tips to get you and your child ready to make a smooth transition into school.

There is something I want you to keep in mind throughout this entire episode Being empathetic.  The first day of kindergarten for parents can seem a little trivial or like it’s just not that big of a deal to go to kindergarten.

But keep in mind that’s us looking at this situation through our own eyes and not our child’s.  I made this mistake.  It wasn’t until I realized how much of a transition this can be for them that I was able to be empathetic.  It can be a really big deal for them to go to kindergarten.

So we got that out of the way, let’s go over some tips for the first day of kindergarten:

1) Create a morning schedule – A schedule that is posted can really help everyone. We actually have another video in which we talk about creating a morning schedule.  You list everything from waking up, eating, getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. all with specific times.

You post that so everyone can see it. Then that brings us to #2 which is Practice – Tell your child we are going to practice for the first day of kindergarten. You wake up, follow the schedule and actually visit the school.  Show them where they will be dropped off, and then where you will be picking them up.

#3 – Talk About The Teacher – Usually you find out who the teacher is in advance.  We talked about how positive the first day of kindergarten will be and how amazing the teacher is.

“You got Mrs. Stanley as your teacher.  She is so nice.  you are going to really like her.”  This allows your child to begin getting familiar with at least the teacher’s name.  So when they do meet the teacher, there is a little more comfort.

#4) Get everything ready the night before – You can do this for the practice days too but you are going to want to minimize any difficulties in the morning of the first day of kindergarten.

Debating over clothes or arguing about what is for lunch are just things you want to avoid.  Let your child pick out their clothes the night before, you make their lunch, etc.  Involve them in the process the night before so they can feel a part of it and get excited.

#5) Get plenty of sleep – a few days prior to the first day, I would suggest being pretty strict about their sleep schedule.  Make sure they are getting plenty of sleep a few days prior.

It’s a big transition to school and they will most likely be very tired in the evenings after the first week or so of starting kindergarten

We would love to hear from you.  Is your child headed to kindergarten?  Are they excited about it or a little scared?  Leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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