How Others Effect Us, Be In Charge Without Controlling, Flyebaby – Dudes To Dads Ep 17

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Jason and Alan are once again joined by Vince, a friend of Jason’s and fellow member of the Dudes To Dads Meetup group.  Vince has 2 young boys and sits in on the show.  Jason begins the show telling the other guys about which carries all kinds of gifts for men.  It’s the man alternative to a gift basket and they are awesome.  He also mentions the course Freedom To Be and the decision of how things and people effect us.  We get into the Battlefield and discuss how we have the power over how to let things effect us.  Jason offers an example that happened with his son and Vince provides a story he experienced at the zoo. You may have great intentions but you are stressed and probably not parenting in an ideal way or how you would want.  Alan then brings up the topic about things you can’t do when you have children. In Light Her Fire, Dr. Ellen Kreidman gives us a great subtle way to be inclusive in our requests. For SuperCharge, Jason introduces the Flyebaby, an infant airplane seat. We close out the episode with a quote from Bill Reidler called Oneness.  Be sure to subscribe via iTunes and sStitcher.


Welcome & Intros (0:00)Mancrates.comFreedom To Be

The Battlefield (13:50) –  How the elements of life effect how we parent.

Light Her Fire (20:36) – A subtle way to be in charge without sounding like your controlling

SuperCharge (36:20) – An infant airplane seat called the Flyebaby

Quote of the Day (39:55) – Oneness by Bill Reidler


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