How Our Standards Shape Who We Are & What We Achieve | Dad University Podcast EP 217

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I was listening to a Tony Robbins lecture.  He says the #1 way to change your life is to raise your standards.

Raise our standards and it will change your life long term.  Only thing that creates lasting change.

There are bunch of things in life that we want.  But we don’t get what we want, we get what we have to have.

We get what we tolerate.  Difference in people is their standards.

Should lose weight, should spend time with my kids…..mad at their shoulds

When your should becomes a must.  When something that should happen becomes a must, that is when change occurs.

Think about things in your life that you have made a significant change:

your job – it’s not a must if you aren’t in the right job
your income – it’s not a must if you aren’t making the certain level
your health – it’s not a must
your physical appearance – it’s not a must, your standard doesn’t match your
work ethic

We set a standard based on our environment….who is around you. The people you hang out with.  What are the standards of people around you?  Your friends and /or co-workers.  This can have an effect on how

Imagine how your life should shift if you change from should to a must.  If you must earn.


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