Posted By Jason Kreidman On May 28, 2019

Remove distractions – sounds, screens, etc.  This can also mean providing them a designated area.

Move the body – Run them around – get energy out – moving stimulates the brain.  Running club in the mornings.  My children’s school has rocking chairs for some kids

Make a list of tasks – Write everything down.

Keep tasks small – Tackle one thing at a time.  If you are teaching them to clean their room, start with just cleaning their bed, or focus on a toy bin.  Too many tasks can be overwhelming

Make it a routine – Kids welcome routine.  Have them brush their teeth after pajamas every day.  don’t switch the routine.

Take breaks –  Every child is different but watch your child to see when they get squirmy.  For adults, I learned that 25 minutes is optimal for flow and focus.  It’s called the Pomodoro Technique

Healthy diet – sugar, caffeine may work in short bursts but it will cause crashing.  Then when you don’t have it, you are out of luck.  Try to provide them a healthy balanced diet.  They should be eating all meals.

Understand how they best learn – are they visual, auditory, or kin aesthetic

Breathing techniques or meditation – allows them to practice focusing on their breath or sitting still.  Guided meditation can be great and fun for kids.  It builds that muscle for when they need it.