Posted By Jason Kreidman On June 25, 2019

1) Allow them to be bored – stop entertaining them. This forces them to be creative.

2) Limit use of electronics – while some games are creative, watching television doesn’t help their creativity

3) Don’t solve their problems – ask them questions instead? How can you solve this? Force them to come up with solutions

4) Create an area of the house for play – if you can….whether garage or playroom…allow them a space in which they can call their own and take part in how it looks and what is there.

5) Spend time outdoors – encourage them to play outside. We had a huge forest growing up. We made forts, were forced to be creative.

6) Encourage dress up or costumes – Having super heroes and characters

7) Allow them to dress themselves and/or pick out their clothes – children will wear the same thing every day if they are allowed.

8) Encourage creative/art gifts – When relatives and friends ask what to get them – encourage creative gifts – paper, drawing, paints, crayons, Lego’s, blocks, etc.