How To Speed Up Your Kids – And What Not To Do – Dudes To Dads Ep 54

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Our kids typically don’t move as fast as we would like them to.  In episode 54, we discuss how we can speed up our kids.  Their slowness definitely happens with preschool and kindergarten age children.  Often in the morning when going to school, we just can’t get them out the door fast enough.  However the reality is that it can happen at anytime.  They sometimes can do it for control and attention but mostly it seems they just get distracted easily.  You want to appreciate that they don’t stress, but it’s hard to.

So first we discuss what not to do:

  1. Don’t tell your child to hurry up – it will only be nagging and not be effective
  2. Don’t get angry or threatening to punish
  3. Don’t bribe

We then dive into the meat of the subject.  Here are some tips for speeding up your kids

1) Keep a positive tone
2) Maintain a consistent routine.  They know what is coming next.  Make a sign.
3) Provide warnings – 5 minutes left for breakfast
4) Turn tasks into games – make it a race, singing about what your doing
5) Allowing natural consequences – if not dressed, they go to school in what they have on.  I’ve hear a little more strict where the mom left without the child.
6) Don’t label them as a slowpoke or use other negative words. Labels shape behavior
7) Get them a watch or teach how to read the clocks
8) Practice patience, what is the worst thing that could happen?  So what if we are late.…


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