How to Stop Toddler Tantrums – 6 Secrets to Calm Your Child’s Temper | Dad University Video Ep. 166

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You want to stop toddler tantrums but it seems impossible. Your child’s temper gets out of control and you feel helpless. Well in this video, Jason reviews how to stop toddler temper tantrums. In it, he provides 6 secrets to calm your child’s temper.
Understanding why toddlers throw tantrums is the first hurdle. When you understand what the meltdowns are really about and how little control the toddler has, you begin to understand how much of the responsibility falls on us to deal with it properly.
It doesn’t matter whether your child is 2 years old or 4 years old, dealing with temper tantrums isn’t easy. Be sure to watch all 6 secrets as they can help you stay more calm and re-frame how you think about what your toddler is going through.
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