How To Talk To Your Kids About Death | Dad University Video Ep. 109

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Talking to your kids about death is not something any of us want to do.  But it is something we need to do.  Dealing with grief is hard enough, but then having to talk to your children about death adds a layer of difficulty.  Death is unpleasant, uncomfortable, and not something we are really taught how to handle.  Jason had experienced his own grief with the death of his mother and his kids were 1 & 3 years old at the time.  His 3-year-old son asked questions about grandma and knew something was different.  He saw his dad being sad and going through the grieving process.

We want to protect our kids from difficulties and we often think that keeping emotions from them that they will be better off.  However, it’s essential that you give yourself permission to grieve from a death in whatever way you need to do it.  Your kids seeing that is an opportunity to have honest, deep, meaningful conversations with them.  Death is a reality.  We need to get better at being able to communicate about it and dealing with it.


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