Interview with Evie and Sarah: Sharenting | Dad University Podcast Ep. 233

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I was recently interviewed by 2 awesome women Evie and Sarah of the Modern Manners for Moms and Dads Podcast:

They gave us permission to rebroadcast the interview on our podcast.  We talk about Sharenting…parents posting too much on Social Media. Here is that interview:

This week on our podcast, Modern Manners for Moms & Dads, we have a special guest: Jason Kreidman of Dad University. Dad University provides dads advice and fatherly education, supporting dads through their journey through fatherhood. Jason joins us to discuss his unique perspective on social media and your kids: “Sharenting!”

When the average child has over 1,500 images of them posted online by their fifth birthday, what does it mean to overshare?? In this episode, we talk about the etiquette behind raising kids in this generation of ubiquitous social media. Plus, we learn what Jason NEVER does on social media and his view on those of us who do. Here’s a two-word hint…Digital Narcissism.

What do you think about Digital Narcissism? Please start a convo below and share it with 3 friends!


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