Is It OK To Parent Someone Else’s Kid? Get Kids To School On Time, 100 Ways To Show We Care – Dudes To Dads Ep 29

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Episode 29 starts with the update from Jason and Alan that the website now has an email signup.  Listeners can keep up to date on news, episode releases, and more.  Our first segment is a Dad’s Debate on whether it is ok to “parent” other kids when you are somewhere.  Of course every situation is different but the guys provide their views on how situations should be handled.  We then move into the Battlefield where we review getting the kids out the door for school and provide a few tips to make that easier:

  1. Get the kids to bed on time
  2. Get kids an alarm clock.  Wake them softly.
  3. Have kids layout clothes the night before (don’t forget shoes)
  4. Prepare lunches the night before
  5. Setup a schedule with specific times and activities
  6. Make sure routine items are in the same place (toothbrush, hairbrush sunblock)
  7. Same goes for food.  Allow them to get their own food for breakfast.  They are totally capable
  8. Be on time yourself

Jason then shares a story in which a friend of his told the child that the car was leaving at a specific time and because the child was not ready, she missed her ride.  The child was never late again.  In Stuff To Do Jason discusses creating a scavenger hunt.  Here are some instructions:

  1. Decide where you want to do it (in the house, outside, at a park)
  2. Gather some items that will need to be found.  Can even be household items
  3. This can work with only 1 child but more kids would probably more fun.  You could even invite the neighborhood kids and separate them into teams so they have to work together.
  4. Create a prize at the end
  5. You can do it for time and see which team has the most items, or

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