Posted By Jason Kreidman On August 29, 2017

In Episode 130 Alan and Jason have a discussion about Dads managing their time and having alone time.  There seem to be 3 different scenarios:

Dads with No Time 
– These dads need to make time for themselves.  If they are wanting time, how do they carve it out?  If they are happy, does that mean it’s not a problem?

Dads who don’t need a lot of time – These are people in which they don’t have a lot of requirements for their own time.  Or they may carve out time that the balance is currently ok.  Jason explains how this is how he currently lives.  He gets up early in the morning to get his own time.

Dads that take too much time – These dads go on golf trips and spend a lot of time away from the family.  The wives may be feeling neglected. The guys who are doing it don’t know or care.  Do they not appreciate their wives?

Some people may consider alone time selfishness but it really depends on your attitude around it and the people around you.  If the people around you are bothered by it, you might want to re-evaluate the time you are spending away.