Kids in Sports, Brushing Hair, Bathing Battle – Dudes To Dads Ep 20

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Jason’s longtime friend Kevin visits the podcast for Episode 20.  Kevin is a dad of 2 (boy and girl) and is a friend of Jason’s for over 30 years.  We begin the episode in a debate about children in sports and while there can be some great benefits to the children, there can also be a sacrifice of quality/family time to do it as well as free time for the children. Kevin coaches both of his kid’s teams and emphasizes the parent’s role in how the child is going to perceive it.  In Stuff To Do, Jason suggests allowing your kids to help you in a project in which you had not thought of.  Jason was putting together a desk for his son and decides to include both his 5  year old daughter and 7 year old son into the process.  While it may take a little longer, it was an activity that everyone enjoyed.  In the Mailbag, a listener Greg writes that he has a lot of difficulty brushing his daughter’s hair and the guys provide their own stories to help solve the problem.  With the Battlefield and kids not wanting to bathe, Kevin tells the story of how he uses the “Stinkpass” to allow his children the opportunity once a week not to choose to bathe.  If they keep it, they may get a reward.  Jason used the tactic of being very calm and “killing them with kindness” to get through a potentially dangerous battlefield.  We finish out the episode with a quote from DeeAnn Stewart from “What Spock Forgot.”


Welcome & Intros (0:00) – Jason’s good friend Kevin joins this episode.

Dad’s Debate (6:20) – Kids in Sports.  What age to enter competitive sports?

Stuff to Do (16:26) – Include them in a project you had planned to do yourself.

Mailbag (19:43) – Greg writes about his daughter and what to do with the difficulty of brushing her hair.

The Battlefield (23:50) – When kids don’t want to take a bath/shower.

Quote of the Day (30:24) – “Bathtime is successful when your kids get wetter than you do” – DeeAnn Stewart


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