Mindfulness For Kids – 5 Fun & Easy Exercises | Dad University Video Ep. 133

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Mindfulness for kids is very powerful.  While mindfulness is often associated with adults, our children can practice mindfulness and get tremendous benefits.  Whether it’s used to be more aware of their surroundings, be present, or to use it to calm themselves, there are simple and easy mindfulness exercises that kids can do.

In this video, we go over 5 simple and fun mindfulness exercises for children.  These practices will help your child be more present and feel calmer, all while still having fun.  Parents can do the exercises with them but it’s not required.  Once your child learns to do them, they may only require a prompt from you or they will begin to do them on their own.

From mindful coloring to guided meditation to some other exercises we have used, these mindfulness exercises for children will benefit your child as they grow.  Be sure to provide us feedback and comments regarding your results of your child’s practice.


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