New Dad Advice To Help Your Wife After The Baby Is Born | Dad University Video Ep. 145

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Jason provides new dad advice to help your wife after the baby is born.  As a new dad, you want to feel like you are contributing and helping your wife.  When she is the one giving birth, breastfeeding, and spending the most time with the child, it can feel like you aren’t doing enough to help her.  Sometimes new dads may even feel useless. This is definitely not how you should feel.  There are plenty of things you can do to help your wife after the baby.

You may have your own anxiety and stress as a new dad so it seems difficult sometimes to focus on the other person.  However, this can actually help you.  When you focus on someone else, your problems seem to get reduced because you are not focused on your own problems as much.

As always, be sure to comment and let us know how you are helping your wife after the baby is born.


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