New Year’s Challenges To Be a Better Dad – Resolutions for Fathers – Dudes To Dads Ep 147

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In a few days it’s going o be 2018. So we put together his list of new year’s resolutions for dads. In the new year, these are ways we can improve our parenting and roles as fathers:

  1. Be more affectionate towards the kids – At least a hug and kiss every day
  2. Listen more, talk less – They don’t need answers on everything
  3. Read with my kids at night – Whether you read or they read doesn’t matter
  4. Spend more one on one time – If you have more than one child, make an effort to do something just one on one
  5. Have more meals together as a family
  6. Reduce or eliminate yelling
  7. Listen to Dudes To Dads Podcast every week
  8. Watch Dad University videos on YouTube (or Facebook) every week)
  9. Provide more positive re-enforcement – catch them being good and say it
  10. Love the child you have not the one you want
  11. Get outside more – go hiking, camping, enjoy nature and teach them about nature. Get fresh air
  12. Practice gratitude more – It will make you happier
  13. Plan more – It is proven we are happier when we have something to look forward to. Plan more events, trips, outings, or just together time.
  14. Make the house healthier – less sugar, drink more water, healthier choices for food, exercise
  15. Get more sleep – Everyone in the house can benefit from more sleep
  16. Allow mistakes – both for you and your kids
  17. Set a great example for my kids

Setting a good example is the most important one to remember. You can’t expect changes in your child unless you make changes.


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