Parent Procrastination – We’ll Get To It Later – 11 Ways to Beat Procrastination – Dudes To Dads Ep 58

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This episode 58 is about procrastination.  We make excuses that as parents, we don’t have time.  The truth is it’s just not a priority.  We review an article by Dr. Travis Bradberry that appeared in LinkedIn.  Here is a link to the article.  “Ridiculously productive people face the same procrastination challenges as the rest of us. The difference is, they beat procrastination by using a calculated approach.”  It is also said the procrastination is rooted in emotion.
Here are 11 Ways to Beat Procrastination: 
1. You must first understand why you procrastinate – Could be simple as needing a break or as complicated as you hate the situation you are in
2. Remove your obstacles – emails, phone calls
3. Jump right in, no matter what – we often are worried we don’t something right, just do it!

4. Cut holes in your project – often a project seems too big, make it smaller

5. Be in the right environment – keep TV, electronics, etc. away6. Enjoy small victories – cross it off the list

7. Get real – set realistic goals that are possible

8. Take control of your self-talk – Do not say “I will not procrastinate” because you will.  Instead say what you are going to do and how great it will feel when you do it. (working out in the morning)

9. Don’t be a perfectionist – can’t so something if you never start.  For a writer, “you can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page”

10. Focus on results – Think how great it going to feel to be done

11. Forgive yourself – don’t beat yourself up for procrastinating

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