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Parent with Confidence!

Join Our Revolutionary Parenting Program Exclusively for Dads.

Join Our Revolutionary Parenting Program Exclusively for Dads.

A Proven Fatherhood Formula


"The Dad University Parenting Program really helped increase my confidence in parenting."

“I acquired skills I could put into practice on day 1 and continue to use 10 years from now. The Parenting Program provided a lot of mindset shifts both big and small on what being a Dad really means. It’s seeing how to parent in a way that allows dads and children to be the best versions of themselves.” 

– Corey Gehrt


"I connected with my daughter AND improved my relationship with my wife!"

“By following the Parenting Program, I was able to empathize with my wife more and recognize how important I am to the growth of my daughter. I learned that balancing the demands in my life (work, family, friends, etc) is not a perfect science but how different areas of our lives need more nourishment at different times. This was valuable to me as I was able to recognize when I need to pause and spend some more quality time exclusively with my daughter.”

– Mark Seidenfeld

Why do I need the Dad University Parenting Program?

A Transformative Parenting Program Designed Specifically for Dads Featuring:

Comprehensive Fatherhood Curriculum

Follow a step-by-step curriculum helping you navigate the challenges of being a Dad.  Receive lifetime access to this life-changing curriculum.

Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Sessions

 Get your questions answered by Jason in exclusive weekly live Q&A coaching sessions. In addition, learn from other Dads facing similar challenges. 

Private Support & Discussion Group

Receive access to our private support and discussion group. Interact with fellow Dads and immerse yourself in a like-minded community. 

Are you the Right Fit?

You are a Dad of a Child Age 2+

You Seek New Approaches to Solving Problems

You are Committed to Improving the Relationship with Your Child

You are Capable of Devoting Time and Energy 

You are Willing to Take Responsibility for your Actions

You are Willing to Invest in the Well-Being of Your Family 

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Developed by

Jason Kreidman

Established in 2015, Dad University helps Dads face the challenges of fatherhood. Join our revolutionary parenting program to become the best version of yourself. 

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