Dad University brings you a weekly podcast, hosted by Jason Kreidman and Alan Bush. Started in March 2015, the purpose of the show is to help dads learn what they are not taught in school. The podcast covers everything for dads including parenting, relationships, self-improvement, and more.  While they may not be able to make sense of it all, they will at least have fun trying.

The episodes tackle both heavy and light topics.  One week they may be talking about things not to say to a new mom and the next week they are interviewing a dad with a son who has special needs.  Regardless of the topic, Alan and Jason are authentic and entertaining.

Alan Bush – Growing up in Massachusetts, Alan had a strong influence from his grandparents who helped raise him since he was a little boy. Between living childhood in Los Angeles, then Massachusetts, then back to LA for college, he has seen the wide spectrum of people and environments. Alan is the co-host and producer of the podcast as well as a premier digital marketing expert. With over a decade of experience, Alan has held the Director role at two agencies, worked on hundreds of clients (both fortune 500 and start-ups), has been a guest lecturer and panelist at several marketing events. He also teaches two accredited courses on Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics at the University of California San Diego. In addition to this podcast, Alan co-hosted two other podcasts in Internet marketing podcasts. Jason had a local meetup group and Alan suggested he reach a wider audience by doing a podcast. The two joined together and started the Dudes To Dads podcast which re-branded in 2019 to Dad University Podcast. Alan also once played “God” in a voice-over and produces music. You can listen to some of Alan’s music on Soundcloud.

Jason Kreidman – Much of what is discussed on the show are topics that Jason has learned along the parenting journey or topics that he readily admits he wants to learn.  “Parenting is a never ending journey” Jason says.  “Just when you think you understand one thing and nailed it down, something new pops up.”  Growing up in Southern California with two older sisters and a mother who was a relationship expert, Jason was exposed early on to the world of self-help and self-improvement.  After the birth of second child and his mother’s passing, he began taking parenting classes and decided to host a monthly meetup for dads in 2012 as a way to gain more insight on parenting and to help others dads.  In 2015, he and Alan started the podcast, formerly known as Dudes To dads.  This was re-branded in 2019 as the Dad University Podcast.